A story that doesn't need commenting

I can remember when Dwayne never used to talk. He was so different before I met him. He was pessimistic and almost angry. But the day we met was so dark, the sky was literally a mukky orange. Then the air was heavy, and the wind was blowing his hair to his left. His eyes grew wide when I walked up...

finish later.

angelas in slime

"and you and I
there's a music-ly
angles in flight
arhmyourmescarmyomy yep
my sanctuary
my sanctuary, my sanctuary yeah
the fears and lies
melt awa-ay
before surgery!

Sonny Moore, Sean Friday ®

Got a band?

My sister and I have a myspace for promoting bands. If you know any bands that have banners or something, leave us a message or something, or add us so we can promote and advertise their band.

URL: www.myspace.com/yuritaylor
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Handsome little boy

I've got a treat for all you Rasmus lovers out there. Lauri Ylonen, as we all know, is SMOKIN hot, though not as hot and Mr Reedus, and I just so happen to have a really cute picture of him when he was a child!!

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Kay... turns out my Myspace is gonna be private to anybody who 1, is under 18, or 2, doesn't have a myspace. So, I urge you to either add me to view my profile, or to just give up because you wont be able to view it by visiting the URL. Sorry! (Gosh I was upset when I found that out!!)
<3 Taylor
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